The Remaining Years is now available 

from Kelsay Books.

The Remaining Years

"Beguiling and brave, The Remaining Years beckons readers to fall through the world 's rabbit hole, the portal which is the everyday world, the commonplace, but not as we know it. And because one cannot help but trust Sprouls’s mesmeric imagery and language, where “a line in sand keeps / forever,” we are compelled to follow. These are not everyday, commonplace poems, rather Sprouls’s work is shapeshifting, unpredictable, full of energy and velocity. Of all the new collections I’ve read so far this year, The Remaining Years is an outstanding work of mystery in language—heart-rending, beautiful, and a push to the marrow—a brilliant debut."  

—Leanne O’Sullivan

"In the lusciously morphing world of Sprouls, travelling is synonymous with dreaming. Her poetry is like a marriage of Keats and Carrington with its drug-like colours and surreal magic. Truth really is beauty here."  —Martina Evans

"At a time when so much new poetry competes on volume, political stridency, identity credentials, and contributions to “the conversation,” here is a poet with a unique voice, sharing experience that invites a much higher level of engagement. With her first collection of poems, Bridget Sprouls initiates an intimate conversation in language, imagery, and a shuffling of synapses that personalizes the essence of dreaming."  

—Rick Mullin

Winner of a Fortnight Prize, 2017  -"Chatter"

The New Yorker, Aug 2016  - "Scout"

The QuarryMan, 2015, 2017  -"Afternoon of a Spider, Lyric FM"; "The Remaining Years"

The Stinging Fly, 2015, 2014  - "In Our Cabin"; "Mouth"

Map Literary, 2016  - "Down the Shore"