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Is there anywhere more magical to make new friends than "down the shore"? With its jaunty watercolor illustrations and breezy rhymes, Shore Buddies shows just how easily a day at the beach can bring kids 

together. A soon-to-be classic for all beach-lovers and children.


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Doing laundry isn't a drag—not when Norbert's around. Norbert is a gnome, and he has his own way of doing chores. Illustrated in vibrant, personable watercolors and a finalist in the WFNS Atlantic Writing Competition, Gnome at the Laundromat turns a routine task into something magical, comical, and sweet. A perfect story for every family's laundry day. Ages 3-6.

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Trolls are not well understood. They live deep in the forest and are rarely seen. But every so often, one shows up at the train station and buys a ticket to somewhere....

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