Former Lifeguard Pens Third Children's Book

Shore Buddies, a Rhymed Book on Beach Play

This summer Bridget Sprouls, award-winning, Nyker-published poet released her third children's book, Shore Buddies: A Guide to Making Friends at the Beach. While her previous two books, Troll at the Train Station and Gnome at the Laundromat (a finalist in the Atlantic Writing Competition) are place-themed, her latest was specifically inspired by Sprouls's childhood summers on Long Beach Island and by all the fun she observed kids having as a lifeguard in 2017.

Sprouls's poetry has been widely published, awarded a Fortnight Prize, and nominated for a Pushcart, but she has only just started as a children's author, releasing her first book for kids 3-6 in the fall of 2017 as a surprise for her friend's niece. Finding the work of writing, sketching, and illustrating Troll at the Train Station an immersive and richly rewarding process, Sprouls couldn't wait to make a beach book and soon thereafter Shore Buddies was born.

"Shore Buddies is a celebration of beautiful beach days and of making friends, which happens so easily for children, but especially at the shore." The book is dedicated "To all shy beach kids," since Sprouls herself used to be one, but it's breezy rhymes and jaunty watercolors give it wide appeal, especially among families for whom summer means spending time "down the shore." 

Press Kit for Gnome at the Laundromat by Bridget Sprouls
Press Kit for Gnome at the Laundromat by Bridget Sprouls